"Brooklyn's least "Brooklyn" band" - Interview Magazine


"This record isn’t meant for a brief listen. It pulls you in, tune by tune, until you’re left reeling with the ambiguous lyrics and hard-hitting riffs" - Pancakes and Whiskey


"An unforgettable performance with haunting lyrics opened up a sealed door from my past. Treacy’s voice is so unique, raspy and self assured, it melted in my ears, and every verse of every song kept me enchanted." - The Deli Magazine


"This band is honest-to-goodness rock and roll" - Bust


"The things that make me love Treacy’s live performance are the things that might scare the average radio listener off. He is intense on stage. He pushes his voice to its limit and his music climbs and falls from whisper soft to screaming loud. He is a master of anticipation." - SceneSC


"Their sound is gritty, bluesy, and raw, bearing emotion while also transporting the listener to a sweaty, raucous underground show." - Buzz Chips


"The band's frontman, Brett Treacy, packs a wallop of raw emotion in his vocals, and the musical compositions match that intensity." - Rukkus


"Sometimes a band is just meant to be. Everest Cale is one of those bands." -The Music Court


"A sound that often explodes with passion and heart" - Cause A Scene


"Music is great when it’s shiny and happy but there is still that mysterious, sad part of your soul that yearns to be moved through music. Everest Cale gets right in there and does something to your spirit which only music can do" - A Thousand Guitars


“Cut the apple from your eye before she takes a bite,” is more than enough to assure that you’ve stumbled upon greatness. Love is brutal and Everest Cale is explicitly descriptive of the torture" - Music Under Fire


"The band is full of talented and competent musicians. Lead singer Brett Treacy’s textured voice and engaging stage presence tops it off." - The BrooklynBabe


"A perfect combination of rock and heavy-hearted lyrics,” - NY Social Status


PRESS CONTACT:  everestcale@gmail.com